Ticket Prices

EFTPOS: A 1% transaction fee applies to all EFTPOS, debit and credit transactions.



NSW Parents Vouchers are redeembable now at the Ticket Desk and Candy Bar until Sunday 9th October.

Use your vouchers to purchase Movie Tickets or Ticket plus Candy bar - available 7 days a week.

Please note that NSW Vouchers can only be redeemed in cinemas, and cannot be used for online purchases.


What does 'No Free Tickets' mean?

'No Free Tickets' means that complimentary tickets issued by the cinema are unable to be used at a session of a movie, subject to the terms and conditions printed on the ticket.

Movie Money vouchers and the free sign-up ticket for Forum Film Club members are not considered 'free tickets', and can be used on regular screenings of movies that are marked as 'No Free Tickets'.

Generally, movies are listed on the 'No Free Tickets' list for their first week of regular screenings with some exceptions.
Preview or advance screenings of a movie are not considered to be regular screenings, and as such are advertised as 'No Free Tickets' separately from the first week.
Free tickets may not be available for special event screenings - check with the cinema before purchasing tickets.


Purchase Giftcards

Gift vouchers are available in multiples of $10 (minimum $20) online, and any price over the counter.
Gift vouchers can be redeemed for both Tickets & Candy Bar items, and are valid for three years from date of purchase.

Buy Now

Movie/Bowl Deal

The Movie/Bowl deal is a great way to have fun near the top of Trail Street!

Movie/Bowl vouchers cost $23 each. 

Please note vouchers do not guarantee admission to a movie session/available bowling lane(s). For 3D movies, a $3 surcharge applies at redemption of voucher. Movie vouchers also need to be redeemed at the candy bar, box office or self-service kiosk for a valid movie ticket. Vouchers may not be valid for sessions marked as 'Special Event' - check with the cinema.

Please note the Movie/Bowl deal is unavailable until further notice due to COVID-19 restictions on venue capacities.


Great Ticket Deals

Supa Saver sessions - all tickets $13.50 - all day Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays, and before 12:00pm Thursdays to Sundays. Excludes Child and Senior tickets ($12.50), Film Club cardholders (see below), and does not apply on public holidays

Family Ticket - $50.00 Supa Saver / $55.00 Standard (2 adults/2 children or 1 adult/3 children, any 2D performance)

Silver Screen - $13.50 (for advertised silver screen performances)

Forum Film Club

Forum Film Club (Adult) cardholders: $10.00 for Supa Saver sessions, $12.50 for Standard sessions.

Kids Film Club cardholders: $10.00 for Supa Saver sessions, $12.50 for Standard sessions.

Senior Film Club cardholders: $10.00 for Supa Saver sessions, $12.50 for Standard sessions.

Movie Money

Movie Money - book of ten or more movie tickets. Prices displayed below are for purchases of ten tickets.

Adults: $135.00
Concession: $135.00
Children: $125.00
Seniors: $125.00

To purchase Concession and Senior Movie Money, you will need to present I.D. where applicable.

Corporate Movie Money - purchase more than fifty movie tickets in a single sale, at $12.50 each.


Group Discounts

Priced per head as Movie Money.

Contact the cinema for deals for large groups and corporate functions.

Group Combos & Food Combo Deals

Birthday Party Combo - $20.00 each
10+ children, birthday child free, includes tickets and a kids combo with either a water or soft drink.

Kids Combo - $7.50 : small popcorn, small soft drink or bottle of water and a lollipop.

Kids Cadbury Combo - $8.50 : small popcorn, small soft drink or bottle of water and a chocolate bar.

Medium Combo - $13.50 or $14.50* : medium popcorn, medium soft drink or bottle of water, and a choice of a lolly bag, Maltesers box or a choc-top icecream.

Large Combo - $13.50 :  large popcorn, large soft drink. ($12 with a bottle of water instead of soft drink)

Mega Combo - $16.50 or $17.50* : large popcorn, large drink and a choice of a lolly bag, Maltesers box or a choc-top icecream.

*Price variation for these combos depends on your choice of lollies or a choc-top icecream.

UPGRADE YOUR DRINK TO A SLUSHIE FOR $1 EXTRA! (This option is not available in group-discounted combos)

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